Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the tipping point

The amount of reading that will have to take place in order to keep up with all of the recommendations on this site is a bit overwhelming! Therefore, I suggest you all go to:

Read chapter two titled "the law of the few". I would be interested to see which of the three personalities you consider yourselves.



The Creators Corner said...

That is the beauty of audio books- I have most of these already, let me know if you would like them

The Creators Corner said...

My brain doesn't comprehend books very well when I listen to them. i like to read them. i have too many audio books that I never listen to because I can't focus on the details. But if you have listened to them then you are familiar with chapter 2. So, which one are you? Connector, maven, salesman?

The Creators Corner said...

I only have 12 hours left (out of 54) of atlas shrugged, then I'll be on to the tipping point, but from how you've explained it, I think my role in most cases would be that of the connector, I love connecting different people together and I always play the "do you know this person" game with people- I'm looking forward to the tipping point!

The Creators Corner said...

Cool man. I think the connector is the most value-adding personality. Can you connect me with anybody who kisses butts well?

What about missy?

What about Adam/Jill?

What about Kristen? (I think she is a Maven! I'll let her defend it before I explain.

The Creators Corner said...

Matt, can I get a copy of this audio book?