Friday, December 21, 2007


This is from Garrett Gunderson's blog...good stuff;

"I came up with the acronym PEIWOC to describe lasting transformation.

P stands for Process. It is essential to have a system or process to reinforce crucial elements and form positive habits.

E is for Education. Education is the key to unlock potential and elevate the value one can deliver. To understand the proper philosophy.

I is for Insight. With education comes the insight and awareness for adjustment or to take the proper action.

W is for Wealth. With education and insight one is able to have the proper mindset of wealth. Wealth is not a state of having, it is a state of being.

O is for Opportunity. As this equation develops, people see opportunity that was once unseen before the proper viewpoint existed.

C is for Capitalization. Action must be taken to take potenial and turn it into production. We all have abilities and talents, but they must be used in the service of another to capitalize on those abilities and talents."

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