Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Attachment to Outcomes

Since this shift of paradigm from living in scarcity to living a principled –abundant life, it’s been my experience that when these principled are applied sometimes the outcome is different then we expect. This can be disappointing and potentially damaging and with this there tends to be 1 of 2 choices. There’s the person who decides to continue forward and continue to create value and produce, then there are those who go the opposite direction based on one or a few experiences that seemed to be destructive (we see this a lot in the church). A lot of this comes about because we as individuals have a problem with attachment.

What does this mean?

We as human beings tend to attach ourselves to a specific outcome (another word could be expectation). When things don’t turn out exactly like we plan them, we become disappointed and lose courage.

An example would be someone who believes and lives a principled life, reads the books, studies, practices and applies all that he learns, and still hasn’t achieved the financial goals he has set. When this happens, this individual’s mind begins to fill with self doubt and a lack of confidence.

Non attachment gives us the ability to become abundant and prosperous and continue to grow and in so doing we create the greatest amount of power for ourselves and others. When we focus on the experience and allow the process to run its course and instead of faltering and turning away, we continue to create & produce more powerfully and our human life value grows.

“Almost all pain in life comes from unfulfilled expectations and expectations are attachments. Forming attachments to things going my way is a major limiting belief and contained in the cultural rule book of poverty consciousness causes tremendous suffering. It is a learned phenomenon that when unlearned, frees up a tremendous amount of power, time and energy.” (Steve D'Annunzio ,The Prosperity Paradigm)

References: Garrett White, Steve D'Annunzio

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