Friday, January 11, 2008

Thought for us all.

OK guys....the question has been lingering, what would we do with a big chunk of money if we had it. We obviously don't know exactly what to do right now, but here's a thought that I had today while listening to the Investors Paradigm Podcast (10/22/07).

What if someone came up to us 15 years ago and said I need YOU to teach the gospel to this family in a foreign country in a foreign language. 15 years ago we would have been baffled by this thought!! So the obvious is that now we know that we all pulled that off and were able to change lives and teach fluently. What happened to get us there?

1. We went to teachers and had them teach us the language and the gospel, and through our own studying and education these teachings became internalized.

2. We surrounded ourselves with like minded people that all had the sames goals and desires and standards that we had and we taught each other and learned from each other.

3. We went out into "the Field" and applied all the principles and strategies that we learned, continued to educate ourselves daily, continued to discipline ourselves daily and DID IT. Although we may have embarrassed ourselves many times, failed and got discouraged, we continued to do it until the fear was gone.

We may also be able to testify that even now we fail, because we have'nt kept up on the language, it slips a little and we need to up our education and application of these things. It's not out of reach to reach our potential and live our soul purpose, it just takes time.

Your thoughts?


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