Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Curriculum Ideas

Ideas for Curriculum of Abundant Life Principles that helped me to have a paradigm shift:

Pick out a few "Best of" Free Capitalist Podcasts with Les McGuire
Meet with Rick Kendall
Go through LEAP Process                                                          

Read Rich Dad Poor Dad
Read 7 Habits
Read Killing Sacred Cows
Read "The Tipping Point"

Visit the Abundant Life Website and participate in programs: theabundantlifeexperience.com/
Watch Les McGuire DVD's
Understand difference between abundance vs. scarcity, producer vs. consumer, hero vs. victim
Set up a Master Mind group of like minded individuals
Play the Cash Flow game
Start to recognize and understand your unique abilities and talents- write them down

Daily Do These Things:
Start a daily exercise routine
Discuss these "Abundant ideas with spouse or close relative"
Start Keeping a daily journal of abundant experiences
Look for ways to create value for everyone around you
Ask yourself the question frequently, "Why am I doing, what I'm doing?"


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The Creators Corner said...

Is Rick Kendall the guy at the beginning of the video we watched? I'll have to talk with you about your meeting with him.