Thursday, January 3, 2008

Producer Power Hour with Garrett White

Last night I went to a Producer Power Hour event that was held in Sandy. These events are held each month and the are great. Let me know if you are interested because they broadcast them on the membership website. The first month Garrett Gunderson explained the program. The next month Steve D'Annunzio spoke and he gave more of a spiritual approach to the producer power hour. I missed the event in December, so hopefully they post that soon. Last night Garret White spoke. Garrett Gunderson introduced him as an Ironman Triathlete, so I was immediately interested. I took a ton of notes and I'll try to compile them here in a coherent fashion. A lot of times, in the moment these things sound so great and then when you try to tell them to other people, they sort of lose some of the feeling, but I'll do my best and let me know what you think.

1-2-07 Producer Power Hour- Garrett White

We talk about the 5 areas of balance- Physical, Mental, Spiritual, Social and Financial and although all are very important, one of the categories unlocks the potential of all of them and that is in the Spiritual area. He said that when he started his quest to prosperity about 7 years ago, he focused on the financial area and in the end he got what he was seeking, but he found that he plateaued and was lacking the spiritual guidance to help him progress.

He used a cool analogy to describe the state that he was in. He said that all of us carry a candlestick in our hand and we are seeking the "Source" to light our candle. He felt that he had been given a light on his candle and he was sharing that with others. The only problem was that after a while he got a little confused (prideful) and started thinking that he was actually creating the "light" for other people's candlesticks rather than referring them to the "Source" which is God. I thought it was a good comparison for me to help me to continually be humble and realize that any bit of knowledge of truth that I've been blessed with only comes from Heavenly Father and that although I can carry the light, I am not the source!

He made reference to when Steve D'Annunzio spoke a few months ago and said that basically we live in 3 realms- Physical, Mental and Spiritual and most of us are constantly stuck in the Physical and Mental realms. Garrett said that the opposite of these realms are found in the scriptures and are known as Ego, Natural Man and Arm of Flesh and that it is our responsibility to determine what things in our life are in these categories and to eliminate them.

He talked a lot about light and how all of us carry a light with us. The more that we turn toward the light each day, the more we will start to see that light grow brighter and light has no bounds or limits. We have choices each day where we can choose light rather than darkness and as we do that we receive more and more light- He mentioned that sometimes we are in the presence of people who exude that light and how it is such a cool feeling to be in their presence. (I thought about this as I reflected upon experiences when I've been around a general authority who has that light about them) The power of light helps us to determine what is real and what is the illusion.

"Darkness is not the opposite of light, but the absence of it"
-Steve D'Annunzio

He mentioned that we live in a world of duality and comparison. Black and White, Light and Darkness, etc. We really only have a "right hand" because we have a "left hand" to compare it to. Back in the day, tan people were looked at as being poor and a pale complexion was a sign of prosperity, now people go under tanning beds so that they can be tan and "look good" a pale complexion is looked down upon. The idea is that the ways of the world are constantly changing, but the only way we realize that change is by comparing it to what we had before. A lot of times we base our decisions on incorrect comparisons and we continue down the path of darkness. (An example to illustrate the point would be, after the apostasy different religions were formed, but all were based on the incorrect beliefs of the church before them. How can we ever have truth if what were basing our knowledge on is really error?) I don't know if that makes much sense, but the idea is that we need to seek out the light so that we can determine between illusion and reality.

Each morning we wake up and we need to consciously turn toward the light. It's so easy to turn toward the darkness as we roll over and go back into sleeping. We need to show our body who is in control every morning.

"I don't get energized by sleeping, I get energized by being productive while I am awake!"
- Garrett White

Garrett then gave a formula for preparing ourselves to be in the light of personal revelation during the day:

Start off the day early and get in some good physical exercise (He is a triathlete, so he bikes, runs and swims) That helps him to wake up, but he mentioned that even after a great physical work out, he is still in the negative as to his preparation.
His next step is to get into the spiritual state of meditation. He said that in his religion he was taught to ponder, yet no one ever told him what pondering meant. (I specifically remember asking that question in primary and no one being able to answer it for me) Through a structured meditation, we block out the world and receive that clarity. Meditation can mean different things to different people, but it usually consists of prayer and then listening to some type of relaxing music, closing your eyes and clearing your mind. He said that when he first tried meditation, it was pretty weird and that it took him almost a whole year before he started to feel that he was doing it right. He gave the suggestion to start the meditation process by reading "Getting in the Gap" by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He mentioned that our society abhors silence and that we are scared to be by ourselves, yet it is in those quiet moments when we receive personal revelation to guide us. Even after a great meditation, Garrett says, he is still in the negative as to his daily preparation.
The next step is to get into the mental state by reading the "best books" on whatever it is that you'll be doing in the day. If you are in sales, read sales books. Or if you want to learn more about real estate, then start reading those books. In the end, it doesn't really matter what we read, because as Garrett says, we are just looking at dead wood and ink. What matters is what light we draw from what we read and that is what unlocks our potential. We need to seek to draw light from what we read.

Once we working on those three areas, we are ready to begin the day and even though we are not yet in the "positive" at least we are in neutral and ready to receive the personal revelation that we are now entitled to as we go through the day.

Once we realize that the only thing we can control is ourselves, we will start to not look so negatively toward others. If I have a bad feeling or think that my friend or spouse should do something different, then I should do something different about myself. It's not for me to control other people, especially my spouse and all the change will happen, once we start focusing on seeking out the light ourselves and not worrying so much about changing others.

"Every time you choose light in the face of darkness, you grow"
-Garrett White

Start by developing systems, so that you can turn yourselves toward the light. Even in spiritual things, systems have been set up to help keep us on course, that is why we have commandments.

Steps to receive light:

1. Have a positive mental mind set
2. Understand principled strategies and have access to tools
3. Accountability and Action

All this can be done in your producer power hour each morning. This morning I woke up at 5:00 am and I was able to exercise, pray, research meditation, read my scriptures and make this post. These are things that I would have never been able to do had I not woken up early. Even though I woke up early, I already feel more energized to start the day.

Each new year we make resolutions and last night I learned that we should do even more than that. We should make declarations, and once we declare that we will do something to other people, we start to see that transformation that we are looking for. I've made a few declarations this year. One is to start spending more quality time with Michelle and one way that I will accomplish that is by taking dancing lessons once a month. Another declaration that I want to make is that I want to start playing the piano and I will practice each day during my power hour. It really is exciting to start making declarations and it helps me to be more excited about life and I start to live that soul purpose.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about the Producer Power Hour.


The Creators Corner said...

Great man! A few questions: Did you go to bed an hour earlier? Kristen has studied sleep quite a bit due to exhaustion being a source of her devastating migranes. Although every body is different, it seems that this mortal flesh requires constant nourishment and rest. Does Garrett have a minimum?

I do know from experience that when I am spiritually strong I have less stress in my life, which lets my body rest deeper and more easily. I have also noticed that when I exercise regularly, I am also able to sleep deeper and more easily. I can go with less sleep when it was a good night rest.


ASF said...

I asked that question last night and Garrett White goes to sleep around 11 and wakes up at 4. It sounds like everybody requires different amounts of sleep. I'm good with 6 hours, so I hit bed about 11 and wake up at 5. Sometimes I go home for lunch and hit a quick power nap. That seems to work for me. It sounds like it gets to the point where sleep is a nuisance because there is so much to do while you're awake! I haven't gotten to that point yet.

The Creators Corner said...

I loved this post. Great information. I am interested in the Producers Power Hour. I like the talk about sticking to a schedule. I find that I do much better and feel in control when I have my day planned. I've also noticed that children do much better and learn more when there are scheduled activities each day. I do need to incorporate meditation in my day. Any ideas on music good music for meditation?