Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ideas for Curriculum of Abundant Life Principles that helped me to have a paradigm shift:

1. Define your soul purpose

We focussed on 5 categories; Spiritual, Physical, Social, Mental and Financial and wrote down macro-goals, desires, wants, needs, talents, passions, etc. Then, with a new perspective on what is meaningful to us and what makes us happy in life, we wrote down a few "soul purposes". Throughout the process we wrote down many things that we will do on a daily/monthly and yearly basis that support our soul purposes. We are far from finished but it was a great start and has already changed our lives.

Study the principles
So far I have been able to identify and grasp the following few principles. i don't completely understand many of them so I will phrase them in a way that I understand:

a. God is the source of Prosperity
b. The earth's resources are abundant..not scarce!. A human beings talents, virtues and abilities are abundant...not scarce!.
c. exchange creates wealth.
d. exchange is encouraged by self-interest and leads to a division and improvement of labor. The improvement of labor benefits society because I am driven by self interest to provide the absolute best service and produce possible so that others will want to exchange.
e. dollars follow value. Therefore, seek to create value and not money.
f. People are either Producers or Consumers.
g. One's Soul Purpose should be the guide to their decisions in life.
h. Human life value is the source and creator of all property value and therefore humans are our most valuable assets...not $$, not a home, not a job, etc.

So far, some of the best sources to me for studying these principles are:

a. Rick Koerber and his Free Capitalist radio podcasts. ex: July 16, 2007 The Rick Koerber show podcast. I listen everyday.
b. Adam Smith and his book; The Wealth of Nations. I read it everyday.
c. Adam Record
d. Matt Wren
e. Kristen Record
f. The Word of God
g. putting them into practice everyday.

"keep the commandments of God and ye shall


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