Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some thoughts from "The Master-Key To Riches"

There are some things that I learn and I wonder, "how I've gone for 26 years without knowing this?" I feel this way each time I pick up The Master-Key to Riches by Napoleon Hill. Sometimes I have to take breaks from the book to just let things sink in for a minute. He says at the beginning of the book to read every line and read the book twice. I'm sure he does this because the information is so powerful and you really have to focus on it in order for it to change your life.

Yesterday I was reading a really neat part of the book and thought it would be interesting to you. Hill says, "Men consist of two forces, one tangible, in the form of his physical body, with its myriad individual cells numbering billions, each of which is endowed with intelligence and energy; and the other intangible, in the form of an ego -- the organized dictator of the body which may control man's thoughts and deeds.
Science teaches us the tangible portion of a man weighing 160 lbs. is composed of about 17 chemical elements, all of which are known. They are:
95 lbs. of oxygen
38 lbs. of carbon
15 lbs. of hydrogen
4 lbs. of nitrogen
4.5 pounds of calcium
6 oz. of chlorine
4 oz. of sulphur
3.5 oz. of potassium
3 oz. of sodium
.25 oz. of iron
2.5 oz. of fluorine
2 oz. of magnesium
1.5 oz. of silicon
and small traces of arsenic, iodine and aluminum
"these tangible parts of man are worth only a few cents commercially and may be purchased in any modern chemical plant."

Isn't this amazing... that our bodies alone are only worth a few cents? How much is our mind worth? If our mind is the most valuable thing, are we constantly nourishing it with valuable information? I don't want to take credit away from our Father in Heaven who made us by a combination of these simple chemical elements. Our bodies are amazing and I'm thankful for my body. I'm also thankful for my mind and spirit which really holds all the value!


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