Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Power of ONE

Last night we had a great experience which showed me the power of ONE and followed the principle that people are assets as well as the principle that agency implies stewardship.  
Some friends in the neighborhood invited us over to their house for family night and my wife Michelle (being the good steward that she is) mentioned that we should take out the weeds in a common area that is owned by the Home Owner's Association.  We talked to our friends who had invited us if they would like to help and within about 20 minutes both of our families were making good progress.  Another family in the neighborhood was out for a walk and saw us and they asked if they could join in.  Within 30 minutes of beginning a task (that would have taken Michelle and I about 4 hours to complete) we had 10 people working together for a definite purpose and we accomplished our task in a little over an hour and had great conversation while doing so.  Michelle proved that ideas have consequences and that great ideas when put into action have the ability to inspire others along the way.   

Think of something right now that you are a steward over- What can you do right now to improve the situation?  Go and do it and get one other person to help you!!!

Ideas have consequences, How are your ideas working for you?



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